Our mission

“It is your decisions and not your conditions that determine your destiny”
Anthony Robbins

The human being can analyse its environment to improve its life. Decision-making is a part of the human evolution history: cooking some food instead of eating them raw, farming and breeding instead of picking and hunting from nature. Nowadays, the human being has more information at its disposal, with much more stakes. Any decision also has an impact on others as we now live in community. Scientists and professionals thus deepened the domain of decision-making: How does it work? How should it work? How to improve it?

These researches led to decision aiding, our core activity.

Our mission is to help you use the best decision process. We offer international techniques of decision-making to organisations.

Historically, decisions were made on intuition. With the advances in technology, decisions tend to rely more and more on calculus. Nonetheless, science demonstrated the importance of the human dimension, which we value in our work. We differ from other through our approach; combining hard and soft methods as well as behavioural science.