Improvements for our future trainings

As some of you know, we had the first ever training in quick decision making in Madagascar, in late August. We made it a Beta Version to improve our future sessions. Fortunately, due to our valuable network, our first trainees were mostly associates from a renowned impact investing firm. We very appreciate the feedbacks they left to improve our offer. Here is the summary.

Overall, the trainees were “fine” with the training. They considered it very relevant for their work, accessible enough and at a moderate rhythm.

“Kudos for this Beta Version which remains better than other trainings I attended.”
– a trainee (our feedback form was anonymous)

Content of the training

On average, the trainees were satisfied with the content.

They mainly recorded that:

  • With the right questions, a decision can be optimised,
  • Decision making relies on objective and subjective parameters,
  • There are clear methodologies for decision making,
  • Decision quality can be assessed in an objective manner,
  • Rules the thumb are very helpful in quick decision making,
  • We are our decisions.

They were mostly interested in:

  • The practical exercises,
  • Some tools which make the decision-maker reflect on past decisions, double-check the relevance of current decisions, and proceed to safety check on future decisions,
  • The part about evaluation and elicitation which gives clear cues on different methodologies,
  • The practical applications to the professional world,
  • Group activities,
  • The rules of thumb.

They were slightly bored when we made a short lecture about the underlying principles of decision making. We must keep this part though but will try to make it livelier.

Considering the trainee’s recommendations, we will also:

  • Add more practical exercises and professional cases,
  • Add more dynamism during the discussions,
  • Recommend reading material for those who want to dig deeper.

Obviously, the trainer is more used to either conference either pure workshop, and must now balance her skills to better deliver for a training. Also, the latter have had some physical impairment and is not used to stand up very long, making her look passive, but she will make an effort.

Preparation and logistics

Overall, the trainees were satisfied with the preparation and the logistics.

What we did well:

  • The training announcement was detailed enough,
  • The signup to the training was practical,
  • The pre-training e-mails and exchanges were helpful,
  • The training kit (booklet, decision aiding token etc.) was very appreciated,
  • The food and beverages were good.

However, we must improve:

  • The timing of the announcement, it was a very short notice,
  • The amenities of the venue: projection screen, sound system, parking slots for motorcycles etc.,
  • Time management.

Targeting and pricing

Given the content of the training, half of the trainees recommended that we include master’s degree owners into our target audience while another half think it is better to keep it to senior level and above. A few think we can even include college people. We will keep the seniority level on our announcements, but someday, we may consider special sessions for graduates.

The price of the Beta Version only included logistic costs. According to the trainees, the pricing must be between 200,000 and 300,000MGA. We will meet half-way and set it to 250,000MGA for now.

That is it for now, let us get to work and see you soon at our next training!