Loughborough University webinar

In mid-September 2018, we participated in a webinar organized by Loughborough University (UK), on the theme “Group decision making – opportunities and challenges to policy making” or “Group decision making – opportunities and challenges for policy development. The Associate Dean of the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University first reminded us of the fundamentals of a good decision. He then demonstrated the existence of innate flaws in the human mind, through exercises. Then, he highlighted the impact of group dysfunctions on the decision-making process.

He concluded on the five pillars of group decision-making, emphasizing the place of consultation methods. Indeed, the consultation makes it possible to define the initial point of view of each of the decision-maker. Good preparation is always a good start for a decision-making workshop or group decision-making. Policy making is part of this kind of decision, or rather the choice of a policy direction. The main lines of the policies to be developed can thus be formulated after the discussion.