Multi-agent and GIS simulation training

90% of the decisions have a geographical aspect. That’s why we recently added multi-agent and GIS simulation to our toolbox. We exercised on this type of modelling in July 2018, during a training given by a professor of informatics and mathematics at the University Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne.

The tool allows to visualise the evolution in space and in time, of various groups of individuals or objects. The consultant can also program the tool to display or collect data on these changes: number, frequency, duration…

As a simulation tool, the consultant can program it to help the user define his own settings. The latter will then be able to compare the results of different simulations and include them into his decision-making process.

One of the major assets of the tool is the ability to use real geographic data such as maps or plans. In our practical work, for example, we used a map of the streets of Antananarivo (Madagascar) to simulate rush-hour traffic in the city centre. We were able to identify traffic peaks and congestion.