PfAL Forum

We participated in the PfAL Forum from 5 to 8 September 2018. Indeed, we count the Program for African Leadership as one of our international networks. This network now has about 300 alumni from 32 African countries, all beneficiaries of the same program since 2012. The PfAL forums are an opportunity for all of us to meet on African soil to discuss ideas for improvements for Africa and for Africa, renew our commitment.

This year’s theme was “working together to shape our future”, with nearly 120 participants in Mombasa. We shared our respective experiences, in relation to the ethical, effective and authentic African leadership, for the promotion of economic and social development and political progress on the continent.

Apart from the team building sessions, we had the honour of interacting with renowned African leaders:

  • the Secretary General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD);
  • the President-Founder of Truth Aid;
  • the Executive Director of Amnesty International Kenya;
  • the Foundress of Un Peu Plus Loin;
  • the Business Partnership Manager of the London School of Economics;
  • the CEO and founder of Empower Limited;
  • the Digital Equality Advocacy Manager at the World Wide Web Foundation;
  • the Associate Professor in Organizational Psychology at Birbeck University …

From a purely relational point of view, Axon Analytics opened up to many opportunities during these few days, especially for its Corporate Social Responsibility branch. Indeed, the company plans to extend its decision-making activities to non-profit entities for the development of the country. We are moving slowly on this project and will keep you informed.