What happened to Axon Analytics?

You might wonder why there is no further updates on this website. So, let us try to summarise that rather long story.

Axon Analytics was founded by a student of the London School of Economics who returned in Madagascar after a Master degree in Decision Science. It was time for our decision scientist to settle and found a family with his/her significant other, in their beloved country. Almost a year after obtaining the degree, our decision scientist could not find a job that fits his/her aspirations. Then, he/she decided to launch a consultant career under the brand Axon Analytics. The branding began in July 2018 with the construction of the website, which would serve as main communication support. Axon Analytics, the firm was legally registered in late September 2018, and the founder attended several networking events while collecting data to fine-tune the business plan.

In late October, the founder and his/her significant other had a serious road accident. The founder had seven fractures and his/her partner passed away. The latter highly contributed in the constitution of Axon Analytics: from choosing the firm name to proofreading some of the articles published here. The life of the founder was disrupted by the road accident; it also affected the very existence of Axon Analytics. The founder now has partially recovered, and is reconsidering his/her life plans, hesitating on resuming the activities with Axon Analytics. To date, the most preferred option is to take a break from Axon Analytics and knock at other doors. The website is maintained with a minimum updates and the e-mail address remains functional.

Thank you for your understanding.